Deep Tissue applies deep pressure into the soft tissue of the body moving VERY slow. This realigns the body’s tissues relieving chronic and short-term pain and increasing blood flow and range of motion. Deep tissue doesn’t have to be painful and soreness should not last more than three days.

Injury Recovery/Sports Massage focuses on aiding muscles, tendons, and ligaments recover from strenuous and/or repetitive activity and trauma. This involves more stretching and range of motion work. The client also participates more during this style.

Positional Release is a gentle, passive modality that allows a muscle to spontaneously release. This often works when pressure on the muscles and fascia doesn’t. While a person completely relaxes, I put their muscle in a position where it can “reset” itself and release tension and strain.

Tuina (tui na) is a Chinese method of stimulating certain meridian points to treat pain, disorders, and illnesses. Tuina is very effective and can be used to help low back pain, sciatica, TMJ problems, migraines, and colds.

Shiatsu is a Japanese style of bodywork that balances the body’s energy, improves organ function, promotes relaxation, and calms overactive organs or body systems.

Spinal Touch is a light-touch style of body work that reminds the body of where the spine is supposed to correctly align. While you wear a hospital gown, I check how your center of gravity is aligned in relation to your spine and then work points along your back, neck, and glutes to encourage spinal alignment.  This method requires about an hour to complete and may take 2-3 sessions to feel relief. This is perfect for people who don’t like chiropractors or deep tissue work.

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